Prepaid EFTPOS Gift Cards Australia

How To Spend Your EFTPOS Gift Card in Australia

Now that you have been lucky enough to receive one of our cards4all cards you will want to know how to use them.

Your cards4all card is a standard EFT card, just the same as any normal bank debt card which any of the major banks might produce.  Depending on what type of card it is, it may be able to add value to it – Gift Cards cannot be “reloaded” whereas many other types of cards are fully reuseable.

Gift Cards are loaded with funds once and then you can spend many times after that (subject to the terms and conditions of the card, the merchants involved and the funds available on the card).  Basically you don’t have to use it at once.  Your Gift Card is a normal EFT card which means it cannot be used in an ATM machine nor can the card provide credit, overdraft or cash.

Some Cards are RESTRICTED, that means they can only be used at your elected eftpos terminals which is under the control of the Merchant supplying the card, usually these can only be used in that store or group of stores.

If your cards are ACTIVELIST, that means they can only be used with a group of participating Merchants. 


Some cashiers may be unfamiliar with the cards. While they are 100% standard eftpos cards and do work in every eftpos terminal tested so far, their unique appearance can concern some cashiers.  This may result in them not accepting the card or not transacting them correctly.  **Please remember that some cards are restricted to be used with the stores that issue them – check the back of the card.

All of our Gift Cards act just like other banking cards.  It is NOT a credit card nor is it a cheque account.   It is just like a normal banking card (except – no cash out), so when you want to spend some money, you would choose SAVINGS (SAV on some eftpos) and no, you can’t spend more than you have in the bank so don’t try to make a purchase for more than your card balance.

AND:   The colour, appearance or name of the card has nothing to do with how it works.

We suggest, if the cashier fails to use the card (properly), that:

  1. The CARD HOLDER ensures that the transaction is for less than the card balance.
  2. The CARD HOLDER  swipes the card when the cashier prompts for payment and then the CARD HOLDER follows the prompts for a normal eftpos transaction.
  3. Use “SAVINGS” mode and the PIN code to complete the sale.

****   It really is as simple as   1  2  3   ******

The gift card is the same as any normal bank debt card (except that it is loaded once).  The card is an EFT card which means it cannot be used in an ATM machine nor can the card provide credit, overdraft or cash. It is for use in eftpos purchases only and of course it will do that.

If you wish to check your card balance (and activity) simply go to the top of our website and click on Gift Card Balance Check a secure site.

IF you continue to have difficulty, please contact your Merchant (the company on the front of the card) and check where the card can be used, when all else fails contact us. We will be happy to take care of you – please have all information at hand!