The Smartvisit Group

Founded in 2001, Smartvisit is a technology solutions provider delivering a platform for the secure processing of prepaid and loyalty card transactions in the Asia Pacific region. With a number of specialist companies within the Group, and offices throughout the Asia Pacific region, we have proven ability to serve our clients and operate across a broad range of industries.


Smart Loyalty Marketing

We design, develop, promote and deliver marketing products and prepaid gift card programs for corporate clients to help them motivate, retain and attract customers, trade channels and employees. We offer a wide range of corporate prepaid gift card & loyalty card solutions, retail gift cards for your own stores and employee and customer loyalty programs.


Smart Gift Cards

As part of Smart Loyalty Marketing, we specialise in the issuing and fulfilment of corporate gift cards and gift card programs using the eftpos prepaid network. Our Smart Gift Card company provides all corporate and customer support services for our eftpos prepaid gift card programs including card activation, card balance inquires and card transaction access.


Smartvisit Solutions

We are the technology solutions arm of the Group and provide for the independent management of pre-paid gift card and loyalty programs. We manage all aspects of processing services including card issue, transaction activity, invoicing, payments, settlements, commissions, reconciliation, etc.


iVenture International

Is the Asia Pacific leader in the tourist card attractions market. We develop, operate, promote and distribute consumer pre-paid flexible packages designed to promote visitation to tourist destinations offering great experiences as well as merchant acquisition and management to continually build program content and variety.


MiSign Solutions

Delivers e-signature solutions enterprise clients which enable the complete electronic management and processing of documents, significantly reducing costs and improving processing turnover times. Our sophistiacted technology meets all legal requirements as traditional wet ink signatures on paper.